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It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Peter Locke whom I have known for 5 years. During that time, he has engaged our architecural firm on several projects including multifamily, single family and resort.

In each of these projects, Peter was involved with me and the staff of The Scott Partnership Architecture and Scott Architecture Interior Design(SAID), who were responsible for the projects. We were all pleased that he was able to provide specific design crieteria and direction. Each member of our staff has been impressed with Peter’s knowledge and ability to work closely with a number of registered architects and interior designers with a detailed understanding of the architectural requirements which were necessary to capture his visions.

In the 5 years that I have known Peter we have become friends and I value his opinions, advice and friendship.

Michele Bairley, Partner,
Scott Architecture Interior Design, Orlando, Florida.

Peter Locke did a major renovation of our house in 1992 and we have been delighted with the results ever since. Unlike some renovators we contacted, Peter took the time to listen to what we wanted in our renovated home. He didn’t try to sell us on his vision of what he thoughts our home should be. Peter was friendly and professional and encouraged us to ask every conceivable question we could think of connected to our renovation. He gave us adequate time to consider his ideas and drawings and we never felt pressured into agreeeing to anything we didn’t want. He did an excellent job for a fair price that was extremely competitive compared to other renovators we contacted. While no renovation goes 100% smoothly or without any surprises, Peter and his team always made us feel at ease. If work wasn’t done properly the first time, Peter saw to it that it was corrected, without any additional charge. I recommend him highly.

Lorrie Goldstein,Toronto Sun,
Toronto, Ontario.